Why choosing professional commercial roofing contractor is important?

Commercial roofing differs from residential roofing both in materials used and the assembly needed for roof. A commercial roofing contractor deals with a large and detailed draft or mapped plan when beginning roof construction on a tall office building, hotel, restaurant, large apartments or condominium complexes. The main difference between commercial roofs and residential roofs is the size of the roof. Though we use Apartments, Condominiums for residential purpose we still call it as commercial buildings. So generally we classify the buildings into commercial based on their size, height and purpose. For this reason, commercial roof design calls for heavier, sturdier and more robust materials.

Commercial roof construction usually starts with concrete bases being poured (or if pre-poured, carefully laid) to fit with the building structure's top steel beaming and pre-roofing surface. However, commercial buildings roofs are only be handy to building maintenance workers when needed, the final roofing surface is often a moderately wide layer of tarring to prevent any accumulation of water or moisture from damaging the inner roofing. Since commercial roofing construction is completed in larger sections at a time than is most residential roofing, insuring an air and water-tight fixing is crucial to the long-term survival of both roof and building.

Sometimes whole sections of a large office building are replaced, rather than a single small damaged segment with the applied reasoning being that it will be more cost useful to replace the whole segment now rather than wait for further damage and repair each small section as needed. Also, since the larger number of residential structures are decidedly smaller than their commercial opposing partners, and residential roofing (whether tiles, shingles or tar roofing), can easily be repaired or replaced in small segments, whenever there is deterioration or damage, the equipment needed for residential roofing repair is much smaller and less costly that that used in most commercial roofing repair.

The same is true for the work force needed, since often residential roof repairs can be completed by one or two workmen in a short length of time. While one major concern of a commercial roofing supplier, during both commercial roof installation and repair, is assuring the strength and water-tightness of the flat roofing surface, many private residences and apartment buildings have slanted, inclining, or even garret roofing with marginal gutters and drains to eliminate problems from water accumulation. For water, steam and air release, commercial roofing must always work with and maintain clear, unobstructed vents, drains, and submerged (or underlying) piping. These vents are necessary for proper operation of heating, cooling and air circulation systems within commercial buildings while helping to protect underlying and surface roofing materials. Well installed and repaired roofing is uniformly important in both residential and commercial roofing, although very different in nature and maintenance needs.

A residential home will typically only have a chimney jutting out. A commercial building, on the other hand, may have smoke stacks and ventilation systems and pipes, and mechanically wiring, and a roof entrance, and a skylight, etc. All these pose obstacles for the roofer and in some cases so much that a crane has to be called in to aid with the job. Restaurants especially have lots of external machinery on the roof which can cause problems for the contractors doing the roof job.

The products and tools needed for the job can make a difference too. A residential roofer might not have the tools required to handle the bigger scale job of a commercial roof efficiently. They might also not have adequate manpower. There are even new developments in the roofing industry that are bringing about products designed especially for commercial roofing jobs. Products like rubberized roofing materials which are phasing out hot roofing.

The building codes for commercial roofs, warranties are different. It is always advisable to hire a professional roofing contractor who can offer the best warranties from the manufacturers. At the same time it is important to hire the commercial roofing contractor who had been certified in job safety, insured.

So first, you’ll need to find out if your roof is residential or commercial. Most of the time it will be obvious (a house VS a mini mall), but for those that are closer to being both, check with your roofing contractor to find what type of roofing materials serve best for your purpose. Also, make sure that once you know what kind of roofing job yours is, that you hire a roofing company capable of doing that type of job.


  1. Commercial roofing is more complicated to handle than residential roofing. First of all, a large area requires a much larger blueprint and a more complex construction plan. Harder materials are also required to build a commercial roof like those of malls and schools. Yet both commercial and residential roofing should rely on the best materials and techniques in order to prolong durability and minimize maintenance.

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  2. Yes...Commercial Roofing is more complicated but it is best for commercial buildings and structures. We cannot use residential roofing on them. Commercial roof differs from residential roof in many aspects like size and design of roof, materials used, tools, building codes and also warranty.
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  5. I ended up using a commercial roofing company in Champaign Urbana for my father-in-law's apartment complex last year. There was originally a 25 year 3 tab put on, but we ended up going back over with a 50 year dimensional shingle using a 30 lb felt, so hopefully we won't need to replace it again for a long long time.

  6. Choosing a roofing contractor and feeling comfortable with that choice is essential to knowing that the work to be done will be done professionally. Here are some tips on what to look for and ask when hiring a roofing contractor.

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