Roofing Inspections

Roof inspections are important to properly maintain your home. By making routine inspections you can prevent problems such as termites and leaks, which could end up costing you a lot more money. This post provides information on the importance of inspecting your roof. There are so many roofing contractors who are offering free inspections to its customers. Rocket Roofing Corp Company is also offering free inspections to the building owners or home owners and guiding them with the best solutions, giving information about how to prevent all the roofing problems with the roof maintenance programs. Always make sure to hire a professional roofing contractor. Below is the link to Rocket Roofing Corp Company's roof inspection web page roof inspection

People generally go for roof inspection after long winter or rain storms, But checking the roof a bit more often than once a year is advisable. A roof that is neglected can cost you way much more than what it should, so the preventive measures , frequent roof inspections can save lot more money and even increases roof life time.

How often To inspect

Although the rule of thumb is to inspect either annually or bi-annually, it depends
on other factors too. Checking annually is okay if there have been no extreme weather events in your locale. High rise buildings are often inspected on a monthly basis because of the wind factor.
High winds can damage shingles, causing damage to the interior infrastructure, and large ice buildups can often damage flashing and the roof membrane. Ice buildup in gutters can push up under the edge of the roof, leading to infrastructure damage.

Flashing are the metal pieces in a roof that cover interruptions in the roof plane, such as around dormers, chimneys, and vent pipes. If it appears there is damage or leaks, fix these problems right away by calling a professional roofing contractor. Inadequate or faulty flashing will allow snow melt to enter the interior, causing not only infraustructure rot, but possible damage to interior walls.

Asphalt roofing materials have a granular surface, much like fine gravel. As the asphalt shingles ages, it becomes brittle, and these granules will come out over time. If you see a lot of these granules in gutters, chances are the roof is aging. If you notice shingles curling up, it is time for roof replacement.

If your roof has wooden shake or shingles, look for signs of dry rot or warp age depending on the climate of your locale. A metal roof has a design life of 50 years if maintained and properly painted. Metal roofing comes in galvanized iron or steel, aluminum, copper. Pitting, rusting and corrosion are the signs for roof replacement. The slate, tile and asbestos are prone to ice damage.

Call a trusted and experienced roofing contractor to do the roof inspection for you. Many roofing contractors can be scheduled on a bi-yearly basis to come and inspect your roof at free of cost.


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